We are CipherBizz

Power of Everyone’s HRMS!

We are not just any HRMS software or tool, we are a perfect blend of technology and personalization. Uniting organizations with a platform that feels like everyone’s personal HR assistant.


With CipherBizz, HR isn't just a department, it's everyone's journey. Cipherbizz

“Once Upon A Time (Because All Good Stories Start That Way)…”

Born from the need to simplify HR tasks, Cipherbizz emerged as the answer to the complexities faced by businesses around the globe.

In a world where efficiency is key, we saw organizations juggling scattered documents, tedious manual processes, and outdated systems.

That’s why we exist. Cipherbizz is not just a software; it’s a mission to transform the HR landscape.

Setting us apart is our unique combination of intuitive design, unparalleled functionality, and a dedication to continuously enhancing the user experience.


To Untangle the HR Spaghetti:

We’re not just about providing an HR software; our mission is to empower businesses, big and small, with the tools to foster a happier, more efficient workforce.

At Cipherbizz, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to make HR tasks seamless, thereby allowing organizations to focus on what truly matters nurturing their human capital.


The Ultimate HR Solution for Everyone:

Our ambition is to provide an HRMS platform that stands out not just for innovation and unparalleled user experience, but also for its versatility in adapting to the diverse and evolving needs of businesses. We envision a realm where every organization, irrespective of its scale, can harness premier HR solutions as the cornerstone of their growth and achievement.

Achievements & Awards

Best Startup Vibe Award: Beat out 500 competitors. Also won unofficially for
“Most Glitter on Stage”.

Top Innovative HR Tool: They handed us the award, we tried to find where the batteries go.

HR’s Most Friendly Interface Trophy: We were so impressed, we nearly awarded it to ourselves.

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